by Chico Woo · May 4

Fighting The Urge To Get Me A Bumper Sticker

I am fighting the urge to get me a bumper sticker that says “My child is an honor student”.

Where do you get a bumper sticker like this?

Do they give you one after my son gets his Honor Society secret decoder ring or does it come in a packet in the mail?

If you have two vehicles in the home do you get 2 stickers?

Can you ask for stickers that color coordinate with your vehicle?

Is there a certificate that you have to carry around just in case we get pulled over by the Honor Society Police?

Should I ask for the short and long form version of the Honor Society Certificate of Honorship just in case my son’s Honor Society status is ever questioned?

When you see other vehicles with an Honor Society bumper sticker do you honk and wave or just go by and nod with a raised fist of solidarity?

Do they make Honor Society bumper stickers that can double as EZ-Passes?

Can you get better or reduced rate parking at National Museums?

So many questions…

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